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The Ultimate Energy Drink


The strong and the brave succeed in this world. Those are the qualities of a wolf that lives in the dark, displays immense courage in the face of adversity, and is a brave yet silent warrior. A wolf stands tall and will never cower in fear. That is what it means to have wolf-like qualities.

We, at Night Walker, have created an energy drink that is a perfect choice for people who admire the wolf and want to incorporate this majestic animal’s qualities into their lives.

More about Night Walker

The Night Walker brand was established in 2018 by Mr. Surreya Goker Orge, who is the Director of SGO, in Turkey. It has two modern and cutting-edge production facilities in Poland and Turkey.

Night Walker is a European product and hence, we make sure we adhere to the highest European and international production standards. We believe in using the best quality ingredients.

The Night Walker energy drink is a non-alcoholic beverage having all required certificates from European agency, including Halal certification. Furthermore, Night Walker is a 100% vegetarian drink.

The energy drink does not contain preservatives and is loaded with vitamins and energy-producing ingredients so that you can enjoy the powerful sensation of feeling like a wolf. A sip of Night Walker will ensure you experience the spunk, vigor, determination, and strong desire to succeed, just like a wolf.

Night Walker is the drink of choice if you are an athlete, student, or busy professional always on the go. You will be reenergized and revitalized with it, allowing you to focus, concentrate, and perform in a highly competitive world. Night Walker is your answer for a hectic day or schedule. Let it work its magic on you and help you scale the heights of success without faltering.

Unleash the wolf in you with Night Walker and conquer the world!